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Tiberiu Molnar - Bioenergoterapeut

Short history: Tiberiu Molnar was born on February 17th, 1976 in Timisoara, Romania.

1991 - At the age of 15 he read his first book in the domain of bioenergy, José Silva's "The Silva Mind Control Method." The exercises described by the book and experienced by him resulted in his successful grasp of the material. He was also assisted and later initiated into the field by the Vice-President of the Parapsychology Society in Timisoara, Mr. Turak Ladislau, who was his first bioenergetic mentor.
1993 - He continued to study non-conventional therapeutic methods by himself; as he read books and attended courses, he would practice bioenergy on animals and neighbors. At the young age of 17, after being examined by a commission organized by the Ministry of Health and Alexandra Mosneaga, he was granted the title of Extrasensory Master, an international ranking.
1994 - He graduated the course "Silva Mind Control" held by the instructor Rajco Kuzmanovic in Timisoara. After having obtained many positive results in different medical cases, he became widely popular in the Timis county.
1996 - He began to develop his own method, aiming to increase the efficiency of the therapy and of some minimal conditions that participants encountered.
1997 - He had his first appointment out of Timisoara, in the town of Brasov. He also made his first TV appearance on Pro-TV.
1998 - Having developed his own method, he was invited to more than 20 towns in Arad and Timis counties.
1999 - After several appearances on main TV programs and in main newspapers in Romania, he was invited to Bucharest, where he also began to meet foreigners from the USA, Italy, Germany, Japan, etc.
2000 - On February 19th he was invited to the 10th Anniversary of the Dimineata newspaper, where he was awarded the Diploma of Excellency. In the same year he was invited by several people to travel to Germany, Italy, and Austria, as well as Timisoara, Bucharest and Constanta.

Mobile Phone: 0744 404 142
Website: www.tiberiumolnar.ro
Facebook: facebook.com/tibi.molnar

The Silva Method

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